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Families come in all shapes and sizes and each one has their own idea of fun. Thankfully, we’re here to help you with all these different versions of “fun” and put them together in one incredible vacation that everyone will enjoy!

  • If it’s art museums or cultural centers, your kids will love them too. Additionally, most museums understand and have child-friendly stops for kids to touch and experience their way so don’t overlook these opportunities.
  • Another approach includes adjusting the adventure to accommodate something each person loves. One afternoon could be at a beach for Grandma, the next a museum for Mom, followed by sailing for Dad, scuba diving for Mary, an architectural tour for Tom and a culinary adventure for Adam. Take time to savor, foster and encourage each family member’s contribution.
  • For young children who can’t voice their choice, honor their regular nap time. Return to the hotel with a pack of brochures, a new book, or a bottle of wine to share/delight. Rest time might end-up being your favorite part of the day.
  • You’ll also be amazed how little kids need to stay occupied. Leave the electronics at home and give them a chance to expand their imaginations. Become avid people watchers, window shoppers, game inventors, and listeners extraordinaire. This is your quality, quantity time so don’t miss the gift.
  • Lastly, most kids thrive on a schedule or at least knowing what to expect. If you keep things flowing, without overbooking, and the kids informed and participating, the inevitable speed bumps can become amusing or teachable moments instead of deal-breakers.

Memories of Great Family Vacations

Regardless of where you may have gone as a kid on your “family vacation”, I’m pretty sure your memories of those trips still live with you. Whether it was a trip to Disney, the Grand Canyon, a Caribbean cruise or just a week in a camper traveling across the country, it’s priceless moments like those that will live with you forever.

Family Cruises

There are so many choices when it comes to cruises that are amazing for families it’s unreal! With non-stop activities for the kids and plenty of “adult time” for you, a cruise is always a great choice.

All Inclusive Resorts Just For Families

If hanging by a beach or pool is more your cup of tea, we know of plenty of family-friendly resorts that include it all. Food, beverages, activities and much more are included in a safe, fun and beautiful environment.

Educational Trips

There are plenty of adventures that give the kids a chance to learn while having fun. Family “Adventure” Travel has become very popular.

Family Reunions

Get the whole clan together and plan an extended family reunion. We’ll coordinate every detail.

Whatever your idea of a great trip is, our team can help you plan it.

Contact Mike's Great Escapes and we’ll help you get started.


Family Travel Agent