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Are you looking for a great way to earn money for your organization? Travel is an excellent way to raise funds. Mike's Great Escapes has helped many groups over the years earn money through Group Travel. People prefer to travel with others that they have something in common with especially if it benefits an organization close to their hearts.

Whether a Non-Profit Organization, an Association, or Church/Synagogue, each company or organization is always looking for ways to earn money. People today want something for their money. They don't want to just give away money without getting something in return. By having a group trip everyone wins. The organization makes money and the guests have life long memories.

Mike's Great Escapes can help you put together a great vacation that will appeal to your group members in order to get the maximum amount of funds possible for your organization! Plus, we handle all of the bookings, so you will not be bothered with the little details. Call us today to begin earning those needed funds!


Contact Mike's Great Escapes For Your Groups Fundraiser