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Host a Group

What is a Host?

Lead a Group Through ScotlandBenefits of Being a Group Host

Organizing a group to take one of our amazing trips allows you to travel with others who share your passion. Pastors, college professors or activity coordinators, small group leaders, or any other person in leadership can become a group host. A well-conducted group makes the difference for travelers. We’ll help guide you toward qualifying as an appropriate group and tour hosts. Also, we’ll show you how to design a list of prospects and how to present yourself to them. If you’ve never traveled with us before, consider first participating in one of our group trips. These groups will allow you to experience travel the way it’s meant to be before you host a group.

Once you’re ready to be a host, talk to us and we will help prepare you for a journey of a lifetime.

Contact Mike's Great Escapes To Host A Group